Snow Valley: Last of the Ski Bums

Mike the mustached ski bum lives the good life in his mountain village of Snow Valley, but times are changing. Old Arlo Sweetwater is dead and SkiCorp — led by evil Valeman — has weaved its web into the valley.

With help from wise Miss Minerva and that mystical foreigner known as the samurai, Mike and the lowly ski bums must quest into the big city to uncover a long-buried truth.

But, will they return to the mountains in time to save Snow Valley — indeed all Snow Valleys — in this modern battle of the ancient fight?

Reader Stoke:

“A fun and entertaining romp.”

“A simple, lighthearted story peppered with a deeper look into the soul of a ski town and the love that nature inspires.” 

“This book will resonate with the hardcore skier to the city dweller… I look forward to rereading Snow Valley, again and again.”

Snow Valley quotes selected by Good Reads, and their Four Star Review.

Join the ski bums and begin reading.